On arrival you will be greeted by The Sheriff of Nottingham and Maid Marion before taking your place at the banqueting table ready for a night of feasting and merriment! 

Guests take their places at the  banqueting tables, adorned with candelabras and parchment style menus and can feast on vegetable broth, roasted meats (and parsnips!), fruit, cheeses and bread,  served on wooden platters. 

The Feasting Table will give all the splendour and entertainment of a Medieval Banquet.  The guests will be provided with goblets, bowls, wooden platters to eat and drink the themed meal with.  Flags, Tapestries and Scrolls will be visible around the room, which will enhance the theme. 

Theming package may include: Sheriff of Nottingham/Maid Marion, candelabras, flags, tapestries, large scrolls, coats of arms, pedestal joust, wooden plates, goblets, tankards, parchment style menus. 

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Additional Information

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