A classic fairground side stall. Don’t be shy, aim well and knock the coconut from its perch to win.

This game came into existence in the 1920s when coconuts were viewed as a highly rare and exotic fruit. It was probably based on the game ‘aunt sally’, played in British pubs and fairgrounds. The premise of that game was to throw sticks at a figurine head to try and knock the clay pipe out of her mouth.


This is a classic of the side stalls which no fun day or fairground themed event should be without. The aim of the Coconut Shy is very simple - hurl a ball at a series of coconuts balanced on the end of a pole! Knock a coconut from its stand to win it. Then the truly difficult bit begins as you try to crack the nut open and get to the crunchy white fruit inside and the sweet milk at the heart of the husk.


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