Walk down a high street in a bumble bee costume, order a pub drink dressed in a pink leotard, cram 15 people into a Vauxhall Corsa. You are the star of this fantastic film making event!


This terrific event combines a daytime team building activity with an evening entertainment programme. 
You will be split into teams and presented with a list of silly challenges to document on video and a time scale for completion. You might be asked to;
Walk down a high street in a bumble-bee costume 
Order a pub drink dressed in a pink leotard 
Fight crime in your local park dressed as Batman and Robin
Cram 15 people into a Vauxhall Corsa 
Slide down a hill on a tea tray 
Dance on roller blades 
Dress as a monkey and go to the zoo 
Film a spoof sequence in a photo booth 
…the list is endless. 
In the evening our host will present these clips in a classic ‘You’ve Been Framed’ TV style and the audience will vote on the winning clip.  


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