A huge symbolic gesture of leaving your baggage at the door is turned into a wonderful surprise as your bags are whisked away, taken to your room and adorned with ribbons and a personal message from the MD.

"The problem is often not getting new ideas into the mind, but getting the old ones out"

Imagine you are going on a journey, perhaps abroad or to a hotel in your own country. The first thing that happens at your destination is your carefully prepared baggage is taken away. A bit disconcerting, worrying even...

This pre-event engagement activity mimics this situation. Of course, your luggage will arrive safely in your hotel room, adorned with ribbons and with a personal message from the MD.

This acts as a great metaphor, allowing leading discussions or keynote speakers to demonstrate the need for letting go of the past/baggage in order to move forward; and recognising that change or progress can be uncomfortable and scary at times.