Acts & Entertainers

Selecting the right entertainment acts can make or break an event. From themed dancers and singers to comedians and magicians, we can provide the performers to create an evening your guests will remember for all the right reasons. Speak to us for expert advice on the entertainment to make your evening a resounding success.

Inder Manocha has performed stand-up comedy all over the world since 2000. Drawing on his Asian, international relations and therapist background, he delights audiences with his mix of cross-cultural satire, current affairs and nonsense. 

Add colour, glamour and life to any event with a team of the UK's hottest dancers. Their energetic performances cannot fail to make your day a memorable one.

For something really unusual and eye-catching why not have a pair of moving statues.  Choreographed routines to music make a wonderful performance for any event.

An extremely popular choice for corporate events, product launches and stadium events, aerial dancers provide exceptionally beautiful cirque style entertainment for thos looking to push the boundaries and offer their uests a dramatic and truly impresive visual spectacle. 

For an added twist to any event, why not invite our themed character actor to add a bit of panache to the proceedings - Town Crier, Toastmaster orMaster of Ceremonies - or historical figures such as Henry XIII or Yeoman of the Guard. Depending on the occasion and your individual requirements, Alan has a host of characters to help to bring your event completely up-to-date.

Hot on the heels of Strictly, these dancers perform blistering demos for your audience before passing their skills on to willing participants in fast, energetic workshops.

Surprise is the key when our ‘Little and Large’ of the Shakespeare world prance onto the scene presenting personalised odes to the gathered audience.


 The Birds of Paradise are a captivating, delightful and cheeky act and an absolute favourite with clients.  Fantastically versatile, the Birds can be booked for your corporate event or party as aerialists on Cerceau hoop and trapeze and also as interactive walkabout characters, ribbon dancers or stilt walkers.  They are a wonderful addition to Circus, Cirque du Soleil, Tropical and Jungle themed events.


Let these stunning dancers and their spectacular costumes infuse your event with the all the heat and excitement of the Rio Carnival! 




Calvos is an elegant and unique walkabout act.  Graceful contact juggling, statuesque stilt walking and beautiful cirque-style costuming combine to create a live performance experienced worldwide.

Parking pranksters to start proceedings with a giggle. “Was your car the red one or the blue one?” “The good news is the air bag seems to work.” “When I pass my test, I want a car just like yours.”

Confusion and hilarity is the order of the day as our drunken waiters cause havoc and mayhem as they fall and stumble their way around you as you dine. Whatever you do, don’t offer them a drink.

Broadway, Disco, Showgirl or the latest chart hits. Whatever the theme of your event, dance troupes will choreograph a show to delight and entertain you.

For something unique to get your audience talking, how about Equestrian Theatre - a blend of music and dance combined with spectacular horsemanship. 

A unique and dazzling spectacle of choreographed colour where highly technical juggling is combined with movement and state of the art, electronically illuminated balls and clubs. Performed in perfect synchronization to a dramatic soundtrack.

These acts are exciting, dynamic, visually stunning and can perform as centrepiece acts or as ambient performers for a wide range of events.


Capture the essence of Spain, the passion of its people and the warmth of the Spanish sunshine with an inspiring performance by some of the UK's most accomplished flamenco dancers.

Geoff Whiting is a strong and versatile comedy act as well as an established and popular compere. He has appeared at the Edinburgh Festival, on television and radio and at almost every notable comedy club in the UK. He is also an established TV warm up. He specialises in after dinner and corporate entertainment. 

A huge helium-filled balloon rises and falls to a wistful musical soundtrack as its aerialist tumbles and turns with balletic grace and beauty. The balloon is tethered to the waist of two ground-based performers and so is a highly mobile, processional piece. A spectacle to inspire, mystify and enchant any audience and to raise the profile of any event.



If you like “Riverdance” then an Irish Dance Troupe is just up your street. Fleet of foot they jig away, kicking and twirling to the intricate rhythms of the fiddle, accordion, bodhrán and uillean pipes. Electrifying.

Jim Tavare’s deadpan style has won over audiences worldwide. Joined by his sidekick Bassie, a double bass, Jim’s one-liners and visual gags are reminiscent of Tommy Cooper. Jim has starred in two series of ITV’s Sketch Show and his unique brand of humour has landed him appearances on several Royal Variety Performances. 

Judge is 'The Spontaneous Poet'. Suggest any words or ideas, and Judge will instantly create and recite a rhyming, highly amusing and coherent poem incorporating your words and themes. Must be heard to be believed.




Do you want the greats of British TV sitcoms to grace your event? Would your party be incomplete without movie stars like Jack Nicholson or Marilyn Monroe? Whatever you need from the Royal Family to the Royle Family we can provide them all.




Spelmann has been captivating audiences all over the world with his astonishing performances as a paranormal magician and mind reader. 


Miss Magic is the UK's premier female magician and has extensive experience in corporate, sports and television not just as a magician but as an all round entertainer. . 

A talented fire performer who specialises in dancing with fire chains, fire fingers and staff, Miss Trixsta also performs fire-eating and body burning. Her show can be uniquely tailored to fit in with the theme of any event.

The exhilarating raw energy and thundering rhythms of the Mugenkyo Taiko drummers will shake the foundations of any event. Their unique style is infused with diverse musical influences and is steeped in the ancient traditions of Taiko.

Nigel’s performances show how traditional magic benefits from his nonconformist approach - his wit and warmth only make the impossibility of his magic even more compelling

 Described by The Daily Telegraph as "brimming with style and panache", the duo are renowned for their 'phenomenal artistry' and perform around the world.  Their repertoire spans more than 300 years and is an invigorating mix of popular classics and accessible contemporary music played on two  marimbas, vibraphone and a huge array of percussion.

Disguised as guests, surgeons, porters, chefs, waiters, cleaners, long lost relatives or anything, our singers will infiltrate your event before erupting into song. Always done with great humour and in good taste they pass themselves off at your event in any way you wish, leaving you on a high note.

Unveil your future, inner personality and emotional forces. Your past, present and future will be revealed through your palms, the stars, the bumps on your head and even the way you write.

“Look this way please! Just a moment of your time”…click, click, flashbulbs popping. Feel like an ‘A’ list celebrity, with paparazzi vying for attention to make the front page by morning.




Paul Zerdin first appeared as a magician on Tricky Business, but within 6 months had transformed himself into a ventriloquist with his first puppet Gus.  Paul has helped to make ventriloquism cool again.  His fresh twist on this traditional comedy art has impressed everyone from Her Majesty the Queen onwards.

Offering a photo booth is a great way to entertain your guests and get them engaging throughout the evening, pulling some silly faces! There are many different types of photo booth such as a chrome wrap or a black cab. If you pick a theme we will find the right one to suit!  Each photo booth comes with a selection of fantastic props to encourage your guests to smile and pull some silly faces! Photos can be printed on to a bespoke designed print border and framed with the company logo.

A master of his art, Robert Fox breaks the boundaries of magic and psychological entertainment and takes it to a new and advanced form. Combining a background of magical expertise with an ability to apparently read, manipulate and predict human behaviour Robert creates an engrossing and captivating form of entertainment.


The Deceptionist, or Sav as he is known, combines top-notch street magic, card trickery, cheeky hustles, mentalism, illusionary skills plus other esoteric oddness.

Cut by hand from black card as you wait, these timeless silhouette portraits will capture your facial characteristics forever. A lovely ‘walkaway’ gift for all and an enduring reminder of a fantastic event.


Disguised as Policemen our crack squad will arrive at the scene of your incident. There has been a complaint about the noise: "It has NOT reached the required level!" Join in with the Singing Policemen as they perform a mixture of operatic favourites and popular show songs.

Stunt skaters, Speed skaters, Street Skaters, Starlight Express skaters …all guaranteed to step-up the pace of your event as they whizz past you at jaw-dropping speeds.

"British service at its best". Basil Fawlty is alive and well and standing up for waiters' rights in the form of a three man, one woman outfit. Fawlty Towers' Manuel has a serious rival!



Steve developed his art combining magic and humour on the cobbles of Covent Garden in London and has twice won national street performance awards. He was the Magic Circle’s ‘close-up’ Magician of the Year in 2010.

 Give your event a stylish, modern edge with our superb range of street and break dancers. They will bring an abundance of passion and energy to your fuction.

Definitely not a traditional string quartet. Their highly original set with striking electric instruments will provide you with a roller-coaster ride of musical entertainment. Frenetic, humorous and fantastic musical skills!

These gorgeous sumptuous swan stilt walkers are a regal must for the most sophisticated of events. Simply stunning with beautifully crafted silk and organza costumes trimmed with the highest quality Ostrich feathers and encrusted with sparkly crystals.

Make your event just a bit more special by adding a mix of humour and danger.  Sword swallowing is considered to be one of the most dangerous circus sideshow feats someone can perform, earning it the title "the black belt of sideshow".


Great fortune will come your way. I see a tall dark stranger coming into your life. Cross her palm with silver and let our mystic psychic reveal all about the important issues in your life.

Dazzle your guests, transform your event and create a great talking point. Three dynamic, talented and professionally trained male performers masquerade as guests, security or catering staff at your event. During the evening they will stylishly and suddenly reveal their vocal talents to your unsuspecting audience, culminating in a stunning unforgettable finale.

From small intimate gatherings to large corporate, concert and stadium events, Tenors Unlimited offers the elite entertainment experience. For an unforgettable performance, look no further than Scott, Jem and Stuart.

He appears, at first, to be a normal waiter, fitting in with those that you have at your function. As pre-dinner drinks are underway, slowly you start to realise, through his hilarious antics, that there is something quite odd and funny about this waiter..... 

One of the most popular corporate entertainment acts in the world, where three talented performers hoax and infiltrate your event as ‘real’ waiting staff. Definitely not a wacky waiters show but sophisticated high quality entertainment.


Tommy specialises in juggling and manipulation of basketballs and footballs. One of the most unusual and original sports entertainers you’re ever likely to see! A Guinness World record holder, Tommy provides a thrilling non-stop show of sports entertainment from the first bounce to the final impossible trick! 

Junk, funk and a whole lotta fun!  A professional crew of experienced workshop leaders and polished junk-percussionists who travel the world over entertaining and motivating audiences.  A variety of everyday and unusual instruments are combined to create a totally unique orchestra.  The group is lead by experts in making music from items such as pipes, oil drums and shopping trolleys.

Universal visual wizardry at its best! Zios and Zigra who are the only electronic hydonoids in existance have arrived on the planet. Their robotic mime, special effect electronic outfits and cheeky humour will draw crowds to their sides instantly.

Zoe created a huge buzz on the comedy circuit when she won the 'Babycham Funny Women Award 2004' and reached the finals of 'Channel 4's So You Think You're Funny Award' in the same year. As a result she has become a highly sought after act on both the national and international circuit.