Displays & Central Arena

A central arena for acts, entertainment and displays needing a larger stage. Below are just some colourful displays and competitions we have used in the past to great effect. You can of course decide to do something bespoke and completely different - call 01438 861 821 to book a free brainstorm session with our creative team.

An amazing fly-over and aerobatic display will capture the imagination and attention of your audience.

Get a bird’s eye view, from up on high. Experience true tranquillity, with only the sound of the breeze to interrupt. Tethered and balloon safaris and races are available.

Tightrope Shows - on a free standing rig! Bernie’s shows combine outrageous comedy characters with nail-biting tricks on the tightrope. They appeal to audiences of all ages and adapt perfectly to outdoor festivals, cabaret, circus and theatre.

In the tradition of Victorian freak shows you get to gawp and gasp at humans who defy nature.  A cornucopia of freaks, fakirs and fire.

Think synchronised swimming with hydraulics. Ballet with buckets and jitterbug with JCBs.

An avian version of ‘One Man and his Dog’.  Totally quackers!  The shepherd (or shepherdess) demonstrates the skill, intelligence and flexibility of their dogs with an entertaining and educating display of sheepdog handling and duck herding.  Appealing to both adults and children this is an ideal family entertainment.


Animals are loved by everyone,, both adults and children, and will create not only a fun experience but make a great talking point for your attendees.


Skate boarding, BMX stunt riding, in-line skating and much more. This team rides the half pipe and provides a freestyle display of world class proportions. Particularly popular with teens.

Get up close and personal with these impressive birds of prey. Out in the wilds there can be few more graceful and more efficient hunters.

Experience the thrill of sky diving without getting more than a foot or two off of the ground.

Step into the shoes of Rob Roy and William Wallace. Toss the caber and compete in the Haggis Throwing … dressed in kilt and sporran of course.





Add a medieval touch. Jousting is the ultimate spectacular centre piece for any event, not just a medieval themed event. Professional stunt riders will show you how it used to be done.




Ideal for children of all ages, even those well into their middle age! The old favourites are all here, Sack Race, Egg and Spoon, Three-legged as well as a few Olympic sports - hammer and javelin throwing (foam of course).

If you want to cause a stir then have a marching band parade in your arena or around the grounds. They’ll whip up a frenzy in a maelstrom of uplifting music, bright uniforms and precise marching.



They’re big, they’re mean, they’re everything a spectacle should be. Noisy, in your face and huge, these monsters will be talked about long after the event has ended.

Watch these highly trained dogs make light work of assault courses and canine aptitude tests.

Often used as a team finale to the school sports day. Comedy commentators available.




Have you sat there over Christmas watching 'World's Strongest Man’ and being amazed at the feats of Brian Shaw, Eddie Hall and Zydrunas Savickas as they lifted and pulled some staggering weights? Time for you and your mates to see if you can do the ‘Truck Pull’.

Film type action... LIVE! Be thrilled and amazed at the skills and antics of both horse and rider in this spectacular stunt riding display. 

A perfect central arena attraction for a family fun day ... a fast moving, action packed show.

A mega-tussle in a huge head-to-head tug-o-war competition.

Professionally umpired volleyball tournament using a standard international court or our inflatable bouncy version. 

Whoa there cowboy! Here’s Billy the Kid and Wild Bill Hickok with a rootin’ tootin’ sharp shootin’ high falutin’ show to charm Jesse James from his ‘Hole In The Wall’