Evening Activities

Sideshows add that little extra something to evening events and parties. The small selection that follow will give you a taste of the many evening event enhancements MotivAction can provide.

Study the form and place your bets wisely for a night at the races ….on the big screen, of course. Jockey Girls sell tote tickets, calculate the winnings and hopefully you will be in the money!

 An exhilarating Las Vegas style experience. Take some glitz, add some glamour and try your chances with one or more of our traditional casino games. Forcing the dealer to go bust or going dizzy with the spin of the roulette wheel, you can play the house for all it’s got.

Our experienced tutor will soon have you nosing like an expert as you compare contrasting wines, champagnes, cocktail or malts to discern their unique characteristics. Tasting formats are endless and we can even tailor one specifically to your event.

Chocolate heaven! Amazing party centrepieces for all chocoholics. Cascading chocolate in which you can dip your favourite nibbles - strawberries, marshmallows, exotic fruit, pretzels.

Learn how to create the perfect margarita, the tastiest tequila sunrise or the slickest sex on the beach. A fun, interactive team building event that will truly get you mixing and shaking!  

Not sure which colours suit you? Looking at your skin tone, eye and hair colour, a Colour Me Beautiful colour consultant will advise you on the best colour palette for your make-up and wardrobe.

A professional barber giving cut throat razor shaves to those who didn’t have time this morning or whose five o’clock shadow is looking more like ten o’clock designer stubble.

Pick your team, pick your circuit and prepare for the race of your life. Turn your dreams into reality and take to the wheel in this state of the art F1 simulator.



Brightly coloured hair pieces attached to your hair and styled by professionals. This innovative funky hair design adds a touch of colour to any event.

Hebba tattoos have never been more popular so treat yourself to a traditional henna hand painting or body art or, indulge in glitter Mehendi to add that instant celebrity cool.


Whether in tune or tone deaf, sing along to one of your favourite tracks. Impress with your best Tom Jones impression or partner up and duet to Elton John and Kiki Dee’s ‘Don’t Go Breaking my Heart’.




Derren Brown has brought the art of the mentalist to our attention - we now offer a host of mind readers who can wander amongst you during drinks and canapés or perform an after dinner show. Magic and tricks or manipulation and mind-bending illusions?

An Oxygen Bar is unique and exciting entertainment for any event, deliverying 95% pure oxygen filtered through flavoured liquids. Energising, relaxing, invigorating, perfect for revitalising guests during a party, or energising delegates at a conference.


Dual driver rally car racing. Race the opposition through one of the famous courses from around the world. The on-screen graphics imitate real life action!

Hang on tight, you will need all your strength and balancing skills to stay on this mad bucking mechanical rodeo bull. Great for themed parties, balls, promotional events and company fun days.


No need to go outside with our indoor shooting experience. Aim your infra-red pulse at illuminated clays that appear and disappear at random. Work together to hit as many targets as possible. 

 Projected onto a screen, at least 15 games can be played using a choice of pistol or rifle.  Duck shoot, clay shooting and prairie dog shooting are just three of the games available.

Can you compete with the best in the ski world on one of the famous down hill courses? How long can you stay on your skis, before the piste gets the better of you!

Giving you a thrilling ride, this simulates the experience of being out in the open ocean. Ride the surf and try and stay upright. Great for themed parties, balls, promotional events and company fun days.


To jazz up your party or help to promote products and services, Tequila Girls delivering shots of your favourite tipple are guaranteed to liven up any soirée.

Enjoy vodka ice shots poured through an ice luge. Dispensed into your shot glass or straight into your mouth, vodka luges are guaranteed to melt the ice at any party. Incorporate a 'themed luge' into your party; tequila for a Mexican night or bourbon for a Western night!