Learn how to create the perfect margarita, the tastiest tequila sunrise or the slickest sex on the beach. A fun, interactive team building event that will truly get you mixing and shaking!  

Focusing on team interaction and communication, this light hearted cocktail challenge will get your guests mixing and mingling over their martinis.

Ideal for teams of six to ten guests, each team will be seated cabaret style at specially equipped tables. Every table is dressed with the cocktail equipment required to complete all elements of the challenge including spirits, liqueurs and mixers along with apparatus such as cocktail shakers, fruits, chopping board, straw canister and other cocktail related items. 

 Once all guests are seated, the host and entertainer extraordinaire will deliver instructions and encourage the teams to get mixing and shaking! 

 Guests will face a variety of challenges such as a drink layering competition, a cocktail quiz and a new innovation contest. At the end of the event, prizes will be  awarded to the winning team. 

 'Cocktail Making – Shaking up some fun team spirit.'


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