MultiAction Mix

With engines revving, armour rolling and tyres screeching, we have a vast selection of thrilling motorised and action activities.  You will get the best safety instruction, whilst maximising your time spent on the equipment. 

Take your pick from land, sea and air activities; from tanks and buggies to hovercraft and tiger moths, we provide truly memorable experiences. We also have more sedate pastimes for you to try (our Country Pursuits and Rest and Rejuvenation sections follow this one). 

The next three sections are a kind of ‘activity buffet’  - please call us on 01438 861821 for an individual quote tailored to your specific requirements.

17 tonne tank armed with a 105mm gun
Applications: Extreme team building, will negotiate a fully uncharted off road course
Likes: Crushing cars and a day out in the country

Teams ‘navigate’ a blindfolded colleague around a course using musical Instruments!
Applications: Team building through trust. 
Likes: Big fields and duck hooters.

55 tonne tank armed with a 120mm gun
Applications: Peace keeping
Likes: Teams of people, blowing stuff up

Paintball Battles - from hostage rescue to search and destroy.The sport of paintball has become recognised as one of the World's most exciting outdoor participation sports. Paintball is played in over 40 countries by millions of men and women of all ages and lifestyles. Paintball demands a love for adventure and a strong competitive spirit. 

Full size professional earth moving vehicle

Applications: One on one racing over a specially designed course
Likes: Almost anything you can throw at it
Dislikes: Cowboy amateurs like ‘Bob the Builder’

They’re big, they’re yellow, they can dig, they can dance.  They even have their own song by Nizlopi! And now they are all yours to race around a track!

An amphibious 6-wheel drive, off-road vehicle with power to all wheels for optimum performance in challenging terrain and a one-piece ergonomic handlebar steering control.  Applications: Driving skills, off road handling abilities, mud-traversing, Likes: Tackling land, water or mud, Dislikes: Tackling very, very deep water!

Remember Anneka Rice? This is the ultimate hardcore land and airborne treasure hunt.

Teams take to the sky armed with map and clues in the ultimate aerial treasure hunt. Deciphering puzzles and tracking down waypoints, this is a high adrenaline chopper-based mission to find the final location in the quickest time possible. 

Experience the thrill of successfully releasing your comrade from an evil terrorist gang. Use authentic CO19 and SAS techniques to determine and implement your strategy to achieve a successful outcome.

Single-seated amphibious hybrid vehicle.

Applications: Team building with a twist, learning new skills.
Likes: Flat short grass, water.
Dislikes: Uneven surfaces, long grass.

Step inside a vertical wind tunnel producing 4000hp. Then use the 5x8m area to experience the feeling of falling through the air and pull off some gravity defying manoeuvres! 

Wheels, sails and sand. But before you set sail, you must first construct your yacht!

Mini JCB for trench digging and small earth-moving jobs.
Applications: Testing dexterity, driving skills and co-ordination.
Likes: Moving mountains.
Dislikes: Traffic Wardens.

Just like the old school playground game, tag, although modernised with laser guns similar to those of Quasar fame.

Single seat, high speed 400cc dune buggies.

Applications: Driving skills, team building drag racing, Pilot Snooker.
Likes: Going fast, cornering intensely, jumping.

Dual seated, 195cc twin engines, spin 360° on own axis.

Applications: Team building, standard course or Powerturn Snooker.
Likes: Power slides, wheelies, doughnuts (circular wheel spins)

Inside the giant inflatable pod's dimly lit, smoke-filled tunnels, surrounded by high-tech sound effects, have the laser gun at the ready and employ the best strategy to score the highest number of hits.

All terrain four wheel motorbike.

Applications: Obstacle courses or off-road trails.
Likes: Rough terrain, mud, water.
Dislikes: Soap operas, watching the telly.

Single seater 614cc racing buggy. Applications: Team building. Likes: Going from 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds. Dislikes: Travelling slowly.

Off road go-kart – amazing acceleration and cornering.
Applications: Team building, driving skills.
Likes: Accelerating around tight, testing courses, going fast.
Dislikes: Sitting in the potting shed.

The good thing about these climbing walls is that you never get more than about two feet off the ground. This computerised climbing wall rotates, tilts and spins simultaneously adapting itself to suit all abilities

Extreme team building with an ex-SAS instructor, learning the secret of survival behind enemy lines. After CQB (close quarters battle), camouflage and sniper tactical training, enter into a simulated combat situation. Who Dares?

These 2 wheeled, self balancing, environmentally friendly machines take riding to a whole new level. The Segway requires no special skills as it takes care of the balancing, and virtually anyone can use one. With street based and off-road machines available, there are a multitude of activities Segways can be used in. From off-road adventure trails, treasure hunts, 5-a-side polo and even egg and spoon races, the limits and fun are endless... 

Become Robinson Crusoe – learn how to start a fire, build a shelter, find water and find basic food that can be found naturally.

Go a-huntin’ and a-fishin’ and then prepare and cook your catch on your camp fire.

Everyone has seen the film where a brave soldier throws his grenade towards the enemy tank and gets it in the hatch every time – in real life it’s not so easy!! 

Using a replica training grenade, recruits hit a series of targets at various distances. A successful throw will detonate a battlefield pyrotechnic. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, grenades are thrown from standing and prone positions after a crawl through a net tunnel.