Game Shows

A night of Japanese game show, trigger-happy filled moments, where your staff compete in live challenges and pre-filmed bizarre stunts - everyone gets to bet on the outcome.

We asked 100 people… Taking its lead from the classic 80s TV game show, we present Business Family Fortunes; an interactive panel show event, providing between thirty minutes and an hour of cheesy game show fun. Complete with glitzy host; this classic family game show is a winner as a team bonding exercise or for any company wanting to reward staff members. 

This unique entertainment has been loosely developed around the popular television show 'Friends Like These'. Teams will have clues to a series of challenges and for each challenge the team must nominate the person they believe is most capable of competing on the team’s behalf. However, the catch is that participants only really know exactly what is in store for them when they step up to the mark!

I'll name that tune in four notes. In this team game the participants must pit their musical knowledge against each other. Will the clues help them on their way? Will they have to rely on the tinkling of the ivories and their musical encyclopaedic brain? This is a rocking roller coaster of a game show - steaming through at break neck speed and taking no prisoners.

Hilarious, reality-defying and visually satisfying, this Japanese gameshow-inspired event allows teams to try their luck in supremely wacky challenges. Succeed in these and you can go on to storm the general's fortress.

A truly hilarious event incorporating all the best rounds from pre-selected game shows. Your guests can try their luck at the Bully Prizeboard or undertake the gruesome taste it, touch it and drink it from I’m a Celebrity….get me out of here!

Recreate the panache, flair and glamour of TV’s Come Dancing. Glide, spin and twist your way to top marks from our panel of highly acclaimed judges. 

Only 6 games stand between you and winning, the games are simple, but when played inside The Cuboid, everything changes! Will you beat The Cuboid? 

The Generations Games is the classic British game show in which teams of mixed generations compete to win prizes in a series of challenging rounds, from origami to pottery or line dancing.

Following four rounds, the game climaxes in the renowned conveyor belt memory test, where contestants win every prize they can recall.

“Didn’t they do well!”

“You are the Sleekest Wink…goodbye.” A team game based loosely on the TV show and hosted by our formidable game show host. Answer the quick fire questions correctly and maintain the link in the chain, banking as much money as you can along the way. Who will be condemned to the long walk of shame as your “Sleekest Wink”?