Hilarious, reality-defying and visually satisfying, this Japanese gameshow-inspired event allows teams to try their luck in supremely wacky challenges. Succeed in these and you can go on to storm the general's fortress.

General Takeshi has lost his mind. Once a military hero, he is now attempting to take over Japan by stealing the country’s supply of wasabi. An insane world awaits you in this Japanese gameshow inspired adventure. 


To save the country, would-be-saviours need to pass several hilarious challenges set by General Takeshi before storming his fortress and causing him to surrender. 


Challenges include: 


 'Human Bowling' – contestants wear giant bowling pin suits and stand at the bottom of a hill. One of General Takeshi’s henchmen then rolls a large ball down the hill at the human pins. Who can stay on their feet after being hit by the ball?


 'Bridge-Ball' –make your way across an unstable bridge. If that wasn’t hard enough, Takeshi’s men will be trying to knock you from it with large rubber projectiles! 


 'The Gauntlet' - compete in a giant real life Super Mario-style platform game! Race across the platforms before the time runs out and try to avoid Takeshi’s guards as they attempt to knock you over!


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