We asked 100 people… Taking its lead from the classic 80s TV game show, we present Business Family Fortunes; an interactive panel show event, providing between thirty minutes and an hour of cheesy game show fun. Complete with glitzy host; this classic family game show is a winner as a team bonding exercise or for any company wanting to reward staff members. 


“It’s a good answer, but is it the top answer?”…


This event contains all the pizzazz of the classic TV game show. Our glitzy host sets two teams (or families) against each other as they answer questions relating to a series of surveys carried out on one hundred people.


There’s sting music, silly sound effects and lots of fun with buzzer rounds, team interaction and head to head battles of quick thinking and composure under pressure


It’s fast paced and loads of fun as we bring your colleagues into the exciting world of live TV with as much cheese as a four cheese pizza with a block of Edam on top!


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