This is designed to be a participative event of contrasts enabling guests to mix and mingle. Flashy dresses, dice, dealers and derby winners - our millionaire packages allow you to step into a world of simulated gambling excitement. For a glitzy, up-beat evening that offers a great mix of visual entertainment and gambling activities, why not challenge your guests to be the first to make a  million?  Incorporate one or more of the activities/games below.

Casino tables are always popular and enable guests to mix and mingle.  Play against the dealer.  Draw your cards with caution, more than 21 and you are bust! Hold your nerve and don’t let the dealer win.

Fast, furious and great fun. Will Lady Luck shine on you as you shake those dice and roll?

Casino tables are always popular and enable guests to mix and mingle and this is probably the world's best known casino game - and the easiest to play! You can make as many bets as you wish on which number the ball will drop. Round and round the wheel goes, will you be a winner tonight?

Casino Tables are always popular and enable guests to mix and mingle. Based on five Card Stud Poker, this game offers something for everyone - high rollers and small fry. Hold ‘em or fold ‘em, don’t give the game away too soon.

Casino tables are always popular and enable guests to mix and mingle.  Try your luck on the famous Wheel of Fortune. The game consists of an odds table on which you place your bet and a large mahogany and brass wheel. The wheel spins, if it stops on your selection you win.... simple as that.

Like nothing you have ever seen before. Place your bets, These battery powered Elvis Pigs are ready and waiting on the race track.  A mad game of complete chance.

Test your skills around this fast and furious six-lane track. Drive deftly around the chicanes, under the bridges and avoid the fencing, grass and hopefully the grandstand. Who will be at the top of the podium with a magnum of champagne?

Table soccer with a difference. Two tables joined together for your teams to play a frantic, mega fun, table version of the beautiful game.

We will provide MotivAction fun money, which guests exchange with the croupiers for chips. However, we can also provide personalised fun money with your company logo or picture of your CEO.

Race your remote controlled cars around an outdoor circuit and through the chicanes, under the watchful eye of the pit crew and referee. Don’t spin out of control, make sure you are the first past the chequered flag.

Wheeler dealers buy and sell. Study the markets carefully and interpret the world events that occur and hold your nerve in the ‘Dealing Room’. Are you headed for the high life or the rubbish heap?

Rapidly becoming the most popular form of poker, Texas Hold'em is the perfect card game for beginners and advanced players alike. A pair, flush, full house or Royal Flush - only the cards will tell!

Bank counters for credit or to cash your fun money winnings. Potential millionaires form an orderly queue. We can provide a variety of themes and number of tellers according to the number of guests.