Race your remote controlled cars around an outdoor circuit and through the chicanes, under the watchful eye of the pit crew and referee. Don’t spin out of control, make sure you are the first past the chequered flag.

One for summer parties and outdoor events: Race a team of remote controlled cars around a circuit and tear up the tarmac, under the watchful eye of the pit crew and referee. Take control of a compact supercar and edge past your little rivals to win big money!

 You’re on the starting line. Your competitor’s vehicles are lined up alongside yours. The adrenalin is pumping. The tension could be cut with a knife as the lights change from red to green and you zoom away at high speed. It’s just like an F1 race except this one is in miniature. This is the remote controlled racing experience to beat all others. The event is outdoors just like the real thing. The circuit has barriers, chequered flags, chicanes and souped up motor racing vehicles just like the real thing. You race against other fierce competitors just like the real thing. You have a pit crew and a referee just like the real thing. In fact the only difference between this event and it’s big brother is that this one places you and your colleagues in control of the vehicles and if you crash you can continue straight away.

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Additional Information

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