Experiential Team Building

Computer-based sub realities, simulated business environments or chocolate factories: Whatever the task, effective teamwork is vital to individual success. Through learning by experience in engaging and creative settings, teams can gel and perform together as a homogenous unit.

Getting together away from work to improve teamwork is best achieved through fun rather than adversity. All the following events highlight specific learning points yet ensure that everyone has a truly memorable experience in the process. 

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 Great memories should be captured on camera and an aerial photograph is a brilliant way to get everyone involved and remember the occasion! 

The challenge is simple - to deliver a product to a customer. Of course the reality is never as simple as it first appears. Bridging the Gap is challenging, frustrating and fun – just like work.

 A medieval head to head team-building event.   The trouble with medieval Celts is they tend to squabble between themselves. It makes war oh-so-very-complicated! 

Chain Reaction demonstrates the importance of communication, negotiation, co-operation, inter- and intra-team working and importantly the ‘knock-on’ effect of your actions.

Join the totally quackers Duckathalon and hunt a duck, hook-a-duck, race a duck, photo a duck, travel with a duck, put a duck into orbit, shoot a duck, cook a duck, eat a duck and this could be your ducky day.

Armed with a selection of paints, your guests will be asked to create an individual handprint, on which they can state their five aims and objectives for the year ahead. Unbeknown to them the individual pieces that seemingly stand alone all come together to form their event logo in a dramatic unveiling. 

Early horse whisperers spent so much time watching wild horses that they were able to discern the language of horses. Founded on observation and scientific interpretation it is possible to communicate without words by interpreting body language and nuances in posture, eyes and habits.

Just what is it that makes a great leader? Who were truly the greatest leaders in history?  As legal teams you must prepare a case for or against famous leaders and take the stand in this intense courtroom drama.

Multi Training Aids (MTA) can be applied to a huge amount of team based tasks and challenges. Able to be tailored to address any business issues or skill aptitudes, MTA Challenges are superb avenues for the development for teams or individuals.

Sharpen your keyboards and lock and load your hard-drives: this is the ultimate social networking site battle. With a website profile, teams will be challenged to a no-holds-barred cyberwar to gain the most ‘friends’ in the allocated time. 

Become Frank Williams, Enzo Ferrari or even Ron Dennis and fulfil a dream by managing your own racing team.

This is a dynamic and exciting competitive team building activity, based on the world of Formula One motor racing. Each team must design, pitch an F1 concept, construct and race a man-powered prototype vehicle to victory.

Forget robot wars, and join us for robogeddon, the latest in fun, team building challenges designed to focus on leadership, co-operation and team work. 

Given a design brief and rigid timescale, your team must allocate roles, investigate prices and equipment, design, negotiate and construct a high quality, safe, racing soap box kart.

The Tablet Trail is a unique team building game which evolves state of the art technology to help participants develop and master essential team building skills and more importantly, get to know each other.


Get the parts of your team to work in unison. With a mishmash of scrap material and mechanical parts, teams race to build and operate a propelled machine.

Reclaim the streets with a host of urban pastimes. Our instructors will perform expert demonstrations before the teams try it themselves. The Street Experience can include a range of different activities including BMX, inline skating, grafitti art, break dancing and street dancing. 


The Wave works as a great ice breaker activity, to get participants involved and warmed up, highlighting the importance of effective communication and teamwork as a whole in order to achieve best results.