Get the parts of your team to work in unison. With a mishmash of scrap material and mechanical parts, teams race to build and operate a propelled machine.

Inspired by the popular long-running Channel 4 engineering game show Scrapheap Challenge, The Scrapheap pits teams against each other as they attempt to build wacky contraptions to fulfil a brief.

With an ‘expert’ on hand to advise you, you will have a set amount of time to come up with the design, source the materials for and build your machine. You will then be pitted head to head against the other teams to see who has built the best device, earning the title of King of the Scrapheap!

Example briefs include: 

Your mountain-top village’s water supply has been cut off, you need to design the most efficient small-scale prototype for getting water up the mountain-side before the limited water sides run out.

You are on safari and your 4x4 is stuck in a muddy river bed, you need to free it before night falls and the lions come.

You and your group of spies have broken into a high security building after vital information kept on a pen drive, you are into the room but you have run into an unanticipated problem, the drive can’t be touched by hand and is protected by a laser wire fence. You need to build a device to retrieve the pen drive before security catches you. 


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