Boost energy levels, increase sales, recognise exceptional performance and inject some fun into the workplace through SPIF Days (Sales, Promotion, Incentive, Fun Days).

We design bespoke events to engage and stimulate audiences on a tactical or strategic level; with clear, identifiable and measurable objectives.


Sun, sea and Baywatch babes – guaranteed to create an unforgettable day in the office! Every sale is rewarded with an ice cream and entry into the Limbo Bar or Surf Simulator competitions. Who will win a five minute holiday – relaxing in the sun, while our staff wait on you hand and foot?

It’s a day of Fantasy Football with hosts, competitions and prizes creating a unique and inspirational working environment. Take part in a Giant Bar Football Tournament, test your ball skills in a Playstation match or beat the goalie in a penalty shoot out.

This theme will engage and entertain employees.  Using well known gameshow formats involving staff participation and the glitz and the glam of TV, staff are sure to achieve results.

With a charming pearly teethed host and his glamourous assistants , the winners of certain target and sale categories will be invited onto the stage to participate head to head in a range of game show inspired activities and challenges, either from one popular game show or multiple. 

Inject some fun, passion and energy into your sales environment with a lucky spin on our Wheel of Fortune for every employee who makes a sale in the specified period.

Your challenge today is to accumulate as much wealth as possible in order to make a cool million by the close of business! Either as an individual or in teams, speculate on our Video Horse Racing, place your bets on the Casino Tables or trade your way to the top in a Stocks & Shares game.

Turn your office into a game show studio for the day and create an unusual, different and memorable working environment. Each sale is rewarded with a chance to ‘Play your Cards Right’ and win a variety of on the spot prizes and treats!

KAPOW, BOOM, WHACK! This theme is designed to find the superhero in all employees on the sales floor. Staff will have to dig deep to find that special power and ability that makes them an over achieving sales superhero! The range of activities on offer will again link back to the super theme, and will test all kinds of skills and levels.

Greet your employees with the sights and smells of the Orient. The day gets off to a memorable start with banana pancakes served for breakfast.  This is followed by a round of beach volleyball each time a sales target is hit. Giant, sizzling woks on site could reward winners with a feast at lunchtime or how about a Thai massage for your top performers?