Fairground Rides & Stalls

All the fun of the Fair!

How rewarding would it be to design your own funfair - using all your favourite rides and stalls?

Choose from the following attractions (Call 01438 861 821 if you want additional rides)

This iconic fairground ride is a favourite with all ages.



A classic fairground side stall. Don’t be shy, aim well and knock the coconut from its perch to win.

Tall, short, thin, fat, completely stretched, distorted and wiggly… and that’s before looking in the crazy mirrors!

Hook a duck from the water and see if you have won a prize.

A traditional fairground hoopla game of skill which appeals to all ages. 

Line up the ducks and shoot them down, prizes for the best marksmen.

Do you have lightening quick reactions to beat the proverbial ‘rat up a drain pipe’?

Take aim, throw the ball and knock down as many cans as you can.

A versatile theme, you can go for a sedate wheel allowing breathtaking views across your festival and fairground…. Alternatively you can go for a super-fast big wheel and whizz round at the speed of sound scaring the socks off everyone.

This classic ride is everyone's childhood favourite. The name always suggests you’re supposed to dodge, but once the first bump occurs, the chaos begins.

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here. All aboard…. The Ghost Train always pulls into the station on time.

Remember standing at the side thinking “shall I, or shan’t I?” Finally you are brave enough and think “this isn’t too bad”, until the attendant starts spinning the seat!

Hang on tight, you will need all your strength and balancing skills to stay on this mad bucking mechanical rodeo bull. Great for themed parties, balls, promotional events and company fun days.