This classic ride is everyone's childhood favourite. The name always suggests you’re supposed to dodge, but once the first bump occurs, the chaos begins.

No fun day should be without this classic of the fairground. Dodgems are always a great favourite. Although the word ‘dodgem’ seems to suggest avoiding other cars, this activity’s other name ‘bumper cars’ would seem to suggest the opposite. Dodge ‘em or bump ‘em - you can be sure of one thing; you’re going to have a great time!


Ride around our purpose built arena with a vehicle that is designed for mayhem. Why else would it have a huge rubber bumper right around its base if you’re not supposed to drive it into other vehicles? Where else would this mind set work? I can’t imagine a day when the traffic police positively encourage us to go out and bump other road users. Take advantage of this great activity and go totally bumping mad!

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