Unusual & Creative

People bond in many different ways. Although some bonds are forged through adversity, we prefer to achieve the same outcomes through out and out creativity. 

Our Team Bonding activities are designed to be fun, innovative and memorable. Stage your own Italian Job, enter the Dark World or take part in a surreal and hilarious Japanese game show. Whatever the event, we offer you the stage on which the ultimate bonds can be made.

We will listen to you and design event solutions that support your brand and achieve your objectives. Whether your requirement is bonding with clients and partners or cementing your team, give us a call for inspirational ideas.

A night of Japanese game show, trigger-happy filled moments, where your staff compete in live challenges and pre-filmed bizarre stunts - everyone gets to bet on the outcome.

How would you make the most of a street performer with an 'unusual' talent or act?  Whether it's a breakdancing skeleton, a drunken Elvis impersonator or a mute town cryer, teams can optimise their busker's performance by implementing a slick marketing campaign.  Using creativity, communication and effective planning, the challenge is on to bring in the most money for their chosen street performer and win the mythical battle that is the 'Busk Off'...

Always dreamt of running away to join the Circus?  Here’s your chance. Clown around, walk the tightrope, spin plates and juggle.Clown around, walk the tightrope, spin plates and juggle. Spend a half or full day with professional circus performers to learn new skills and have fun, whilst breaking down inhibitions and building trust.  You are only limited by what you can fit into your ‘Big Top’.

Eating out takes on a whole new meaning as teams strive to create the most exciting dining experience.  Team work and communication are employed in a series of challenges to reward diners with food.  At the end of the day, guests could be enjoying a meal in the middle of a racetrack, floating on a swimming pool or in a forest, waited on by Robin Hood and his merry men or suspended 50 metres above the ground!

Think dark winter nights, thought provoking conference sessions and … high adrenalin motorised activities! For something a bit different, why not add a high energy, dynamic and fun element at the end of your conference or meeting and let your delegates unwind and bond after a hard day in the conference room.

Human board games, that epic moment you become a character in your favourite board game! 

Completely unrelated to all things equine, this team challenge is a homage to the classic cult TV comedy. Teams trade their way through the day, co-operating with shady characters from the show and finally reaching the auction house to find out who can bring in the most under the hammer. Just remember not to listen to Trigger, and don't get nicked!

Questions about teamwork, sacrifice, resource management and collateral damage are all closely examined in this example of a classic board game gone mad!

The hunt is on - can your team reach the hidden eco-treasure first - being carbon neutral all the way?  On foot, cycling or by electric car - teams race to reach waypoints.  Clues and co-ordinates can be gained at these checkpoints by completing eco-awareness challenges which will see the teams think and communicate their way across the trail to uncover the green treasure.

Reclaim the streets with a host of urban pastimes. Our instructors will perform expert demonstrations before the teams try it themselves. The Street Experience can include a range of different activities including BMX, inline skating, grafitti art, break dancing and street dancing. No 'hoodies' allowed.

Are you ready for the run of your life! Will you survive? Prepare to evacuate. Escape the Zombie hoards – the Living Dead are amongst us! Run for your life through a specially designed course dodging the undead and navigating a multitude of challenging obstacles designed to impede your escape from the menacing Zombies. Fight paranoia and spot the imposters in this action packed, multi-activity day which involves make-up, dares, scares and nightmares.