Think dark winter nights, thought provoking conference sessions and … high adrenalin motorised activities! For something a bit different, why not add a high energy, dynamic and fun element at the end of your conference or meeting and let your delegates unwind and bond after a hard day in the conference room.

Run exactly as a ‘traditional’ motorised event, your guests will have the opportunity to race around on Rage Buggies, negotiate a specially designed circuit on a Powerturn or tackle an obstacle course on a quad bike. The only difference is that the action takes place ‘after hours’ with specially installed floodlights that enable your guests to see! 
Ideal as a post conference energiser or a pre-dinner bonding session, a floodlit motorised evening could be the answer to those mid-winter blues! 
Obviously when those long, light drenched summer evenings return, the same motorised evening could be offered as a post conference energiser – without the floodlights.


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