Decor & Styling

Every party needs a bubble machine! Whether for children, a wedding, a formal event or a disco – a bubble machine will enhance the atmosphere and add that little bit of bubble magic.


Available in various heights, bubble tubes are visually stunning. With bubbles rising gently whilst slowly changing colour, these tubes attract attention wherever you place them.


A must for big parties - indoor or outside. Just like party poppers - but 100 times the size! The bombs launch streamers or confetti into the air.

From the latest classicfurniture to contemporary LED furnishings. Formt Sofa's, tables, Poseur tables, bonchette seating to beanbags. 

Statues or human? Engage your guests’ attention and draw them into the event. Themed to your event, our statue characters can stand perfectly still for an age, suddenly springing to life to surprise and delight all those around them.

Give your guests that ‘Saturday Night Fever’ feeling and encourage them to ‘strut their funky stuff’ with a stunning LED lit dance floor. Whether you choose a kaleidoscope of colours or a personal message scrolling across the floor, let us colour co-ordinate your dance floor to create a real WOW factor at your event. 

Why not have your logo projected onto a red carpet as your guests arrive or transform a drinks reception with dramatic colours and images? Gobos allow you to create a visually stunning effect through colour and patterns or through soft and subtle effects.



Whether you want fresh baked bread or burnt tyres, create the right atmosphere with a scent machine. Your event will always come up smelling of roses.

Whether a gentle, subtle haze or a real pea-souper fog, smoke machines are perfect for creating a mysterious atmosphere. Fragranced fog also available.


Ideal for creating an all-white winter wonderland scene. From a light dusting to heavy snowfall, the snowflakes float, flutter and settle like natural snow. So real, you’ll want to start building snowmen.

A beautiful fibre optic starry backdrop to add something special to your event. Switch the lights off and the walls and ceiling are transformed into the night sky. Any movement in the cloth makes the ‘stars’ twinkle too

Elaborate flower arrangements, candles, fountains or even ice-sculptures. Whatever your event theme, we can create innovative table decorations to delight and amaze.

Below are some tried and tested centre pieces, but we are always looking to develop new ideas, so call us for an informal brainstorm with our creative staff.

“Ladies and Gentlemen - your attention please. Please make your way to the ballroom for speeches and a toast to……”


Intelligent lighting adds a special something to your evening events. Indoors or outside, up-lighters can be used to illuminate whole screens, walls or buildings with whatever colour you wish.