Knockout & Inflatables

The noble inflatable is the epitome of good old fashioned fun and excitement. However, with so many inflatables availabe to choose from, it can be difficult to know what to pick. The following section lists the games and inflatables individually, so you can put together a perfect a la carte Knockout competition to your exact requirements.

Bouncing around on the inflatable, opponents must knock each other off the pole in this overgrown pillow fight. This is a gladiator style game where one member from each team takes on an opponent from the opposing team with the aim of knocking them off of a pole with a pillow. 

Battle it out with a 10ft giant on your back!  Or can you navigate a treacherous series of obstacles dressed Giant Penguins? Or maybe you’d prefer to battle it out Sumo style. From giant Russian Dolls to oversized Kangaroos, climbing inside giant costumes is great fun and visually impactful.




Under starter's orders! Two teams race side by side, first it's the crazy skis, then the hoppers, then through the sausage and over the bog. The team with the most "goals" wins!




Two opponents battle it out in an inflatable boxing ring using outsize gloves. This activity has your guests strapping on the biggest boxing gloves you’re ever likely to see. They then climb into an inflatable ring and bounce around trying to knock each other over.

Attached to a harness you must use all your body strength to run along the inflatable alley and place the baton further than your opponent. Our instructors will attach two guests to a bungee cord harness. Using all their body strength to sprint along the inflatable alley, the runners try to place their bean bag further than their opponent. 

The basic idea is very simple. At certain points along the race runners are bombarded with coloured powder from colour bombs and colour balloons and gradually becoming more and more colourful as the run continues. By the time they cross the finish line they will be every colour of the rainbow! Runs can be anything from 1km to 10km. 

You will be after completing the biggest, bounciest selection of inflatables and team challenges based on the hit TW show, Total Wipeout. Will you survive the Punch Wall? Can you stay on your feet after jumping the Sweeper Arm? Can you leaps your way across the Giant Red Balls?

Frantic fun, foam filled and full of folly, all encouraged by our crazy MC, teams hurl themselves through an inflatable assault course where only the most dedicated and driven team will be victorious! We’re talking soaking wet sponges, the wackiest of races and the bounciest of inflatables!

A relay race, in which teams carry a section of a soft cube through the obstacle course whilst wearing ridiculous giant hands. Other team members use the cubes to build their puzzle.

The classic game is now larger than life! Spin the wheel and attempt to reach the coloured discs on a giant inflatable board.Just like the classic indoor party game - but HUGE! With a larger than life spinning wheel to determine the order of the game, participants test their tenacity and balancing abilities on the massive inflatable board.

Two teams compete against each other in this hilarious life size version of the traditional pub game. Just like the pub game except it’s you who’s strapped to the poles! Two teams compete against each other in a life size inflatable version of the traditional pub game, with the team players strapped to the poles. The team scoring the most goals wins. 

A 5-a-side team game in an enormous colourful inflatable. There are rolling substitutions to ensure everyone takes a turn. The floor is springy, so bouncing and playing may prove to be an acquired skill.Teams play on an enormous inflatable where they can only move by bouncing across the court - making things interesting…!   This versatile unit can also be used for Netball, Badminton, Football, Dodge ball or bulldog.

A hilarious duel to the finish as two contestants attempt to knock their opponent's 'fake head' from their shoulders! An insane ‘head to head’ bout taking place on a large inflatable. Two contestants slip into combat suits with separate heads attached with velcro. The fighters then use padded weapons in a brutish attempt to knock their opponent’s pretend head from their body. Great fun!

We can provide professional MCs to liven up and co-ordinate any family fun day, Knockout competition or road show. A superb add-on to any Knockout event, helping to create a more enthralling and exciting atmosphere.

The Ninja  Warriors Assault Course encompasses the Ninja values of strength, balance, upper body power and determination. Stamina is required as competitors race against the clock to complete the course which  has up to six obstacles. The course can be modified to cater for all abilities, young and old. The following challenges are included in the infamous Japanese Assault Course: - Quintuple Steps - Stepping Steps - Scramble Net - Hanging Grips & Tilting Beam.

The competition to top all competitions. This inflatable obstacle course is one of many available and is the ultimate test of skill, balance and bounce-ability! All the fun of inflatable obstacles but on a much grander scale. With tunnels, barriers, walls, slides and posts galore, this relay race will decide the true inflatable champions!

Battle it out on the inflatable "gladiator" pedestal joust.Two of your guests can battle it out on the pedestal.  Use your jousting skills to knock your opponent off the pedestal and on to the inflatable flooring.

Which team can score the highest in this football shooting skills game? With targets to shoot at, the combined team score will be used to find the winning team.

Move 100 footballs from one end of the course to the other using scooters, barrows, flippers and specially adapted helmets!


The object of the game is to move 100 footballs from one end of the course to the other using scooters, barrows, flippers and specially adapted helmets with a bowl on top. Hmmm – sounds scatty.


Grab your body board, shorts and goggles and charge like a wounded bull….. surf’s up! 

A team relay race. Carry the lwater soaked foam balls over the wall and squeeze the water into the measuring bucket at the end. The team with the most water at the end wins.A water based relay race. The more water collected in the container, the more chance a team has of winning.

The ultimate test of strength, endurance and team work. Hilarious and exciting, this is an excellent event finale. Traditional Tug of War makes a great finale to the day. Each team can face up to one other and try their strength, as the other teams watch on.