Generation Games

Exciting, creative and wacky tasks provide classic game show action for your evening events. Teams consisting of different 'family generations' compete against each other in a series of hilarious rounds, under the guidance of our Games Master. Select from the following games.

An eye for style, colour co-ordination and accessories? Design the best outfit from a bag of random cast-offs to score the highest points.

Short bursts of popular music to be identified.

Wines, spirits, soft drinks, cheeses, exotic foods - each team samples a concoction of unseen delights! Will they guess correctly?

Presented with a series of unusual looking body parts, contestants must pin each part in the correct place.

Armed with a piping bag and a selection of coloured icing, hundreds and thousands and silver balls, create a culinary masterpiece to win over the judge.

High kicking dance contest in full fancy dress. High kicks cartwheels and the splits, if you are brave enough, for those extra marks.

Expert cheerleaders teach you to shake your pom poms in style, just like authentic classic American college style cheerleaders. Throw your team members above your heads to achieve maximum points.

The ultimate memory test. A series of items to be recalled from a brief display on the video screen – cuddly toy and all.

Balance height against strength when building the tallest giraffe possible out of newspaper and sticky tape. Will your planning and teamwork pay off? Will your giraffe stand by itself for at least 10 seconds?

As performed by the All Blacks – after donning grass skirts and acquiring body paint, the moment of truth as teams try their vocal chords and co-ordination skills at the Haka.

Following a demonstration by our expert, guests can put their juggling skills to the test!

Team painting challenge. How co-ordinated can your team members be when they have to start at different ends of their masterpiece.

Try the cupid shuffle or the cowboy boogie.  With thousands of combinations of steps to use, our dance instructor will take your team through a routine and then judge who is the best.  


Identify famous companies by their logo.

The nominated team member must unlock a series of padlocks to gain the points. The problem is, there are lots more keys than padlocks and only one right order.

Following a demonstration by our expert, guests can put their plate spinning skills to the test.

Can you spot the well know celebrity or colleague in the maze of hazy dots before all of the picture is uncovered?


Left, right, left right, about turn….ATTENTION!!!! Drilled by your sergeant major…learn to march in formation to produce an award-winning routine.