Themed Evenings

We love designing the perfect party. Whether you want an intimate gathering or a grandiose production, we will design an outstanding themed celebration in full consultation with you which will thrill, involve, excite and surprise your guests!

Pirates, Romans, Spacemen or Bond - the following Themed Evenings section is a mere snapshot of the endless theme possibilities you may wish to consider. In reality, the only limit is our combined imaginations. 

We are always happy to provide a personal quote and work to a budget. Why not call one of our advisors and party planners for a free initial brainstorm?

Christmas Parties are a great opportunity to thank your colleagues for the year’s good work and enjoy a memorable celebration with all the trimmings.

Enter the mysterious and enigmatic ways of the Orient as you step across the willow pattern bridge and into the beautifully serene Japanese garden beyond…….

Welcome to the bizarre and somewhat surreal world of the Mad Hatter's tea party where oversized flowers and striped candy canes set the backdrop for an evening of magical entertainment.

It’s been a hard day ruling your kingdom, fending off marauding battalions and watching your Gladiators fight lions and bears in the Great Amphitheatre. So what does a Roman Emperor do to relax? Let us whisk you away to the palatial extravagance of Ancient Rome. The Roman God of wine and intoxication invites you to an evening of pure indulgence, pleasure, temptation and luxury.

On the Home Front it was a time of community, with everyone looking out for each other, and when V.E. Day came it was time to celebrate. And boy did we celebrate! Enjoy a War Time street party complete with Union Jack bunting, ration books, powdered egg, backs to the wall fortitude and a jumping ‘joanna’.

Go Bollywood and add a secret Eastern ingredient to your event with this hot and spicy party theme. This sizzling occasion follows the best traditions of Bollywood. It's a colourful and dynamic party that wouldn’t look out of place on the big screen. Let the sounds of the sitar, tabla and dagga accompany the kitsch, vibrantly colourful backdrop. So throw on your saris and linen suits and enter into the spirit of Bollywood.

A coded microfilm arrives at your luxury penthouse apartment. You hastily rush your latest lover out of the room and play the tape. 006 has gone missing on a very “hush hush” mission and MI6 needs your help to find him.

"Come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination".  A fantasy land bursting with colour, delectable delights and entertainment to excite and enthral all! Definitely not just for the kids!

Welcome to the ‘Circus of the Bizarre’, a shattering journey into the mystical world of the freaky and the fantastic. 

Music evokes so many emotions and memories. Just hearing a few bars of a familiar song can remind us of where we were when we last heard it and what we were doing at the time. It can bring back floods of memories in crystal clarity as if the events we recall happened only yesterday.

Ah, ah, ah, ah staying alive, staying alive ….. It’s back in time and back into the world of Glam Rock and Puppy Love!

Make your way through the wrought iron gates and enter the forbidden, but not yet forgotten, Secret Garden….. 

Fire conjures up a feeling of danger, passion and high emotion whilst Ice evokes calm serenity, purity and stark beauty. Put these two incredible forces together and prepare to enter the mystical and magical world of Fire and Ice.

Imagine yourself immersed in a world where the vibrant salsa beat reverberates around the room and a sense of eager excitement and anticipation fills the air. Welcome to Havana Nights.

A line up of dazzling, rocket fast, high performance vehicles with pumping music and ultra violet lighting will be awaiting your arrival!

Star treatment is what this evening is all about as Hollywood rolls out the red carpet for you. It’s all glitz and glamour from the moment you arrive and our hosts welcome you to the year’s greatest gala event.


Sun, sea, sangria…….. it may not be the Costa Del Sol but its as close as it gets! With a little theming and a little imagination, you could transform your event into the best beach party in town!

Intrigue and mystery always abound within the mysterious setting of a Masquerade Ball. Who gazes at you from behind that glittering half mask? What are they thinking as your eyes meet across the crowded room? Innocent thoughts or something much more spirited? Welcome to the devilish sophistication of a Venetian ball.

On arrival you will be greeted by The Sheriff of Nottingham and Maid Marion before taking your place at the banqueting table ready for a night of feasting and merriment! 

The Sixties in Britain was the decade of Mary Quant and Carnaby Street, the Beatles and the Mersey Sound, Mini Coopers and Mini Skirts. Whilst in the Seventies Chopper bikes, Concorde, Ford Capris, flares, Glamrock and Saturday Night Fever reigned supreme.

Step into the vibrant, mysterious and enchanting atmosphere of the Middle East as you enjoy an exotic night filled with colour and spice! 

Welcome to Narnia, C.S. Lewis’ land of wonder and enchantment that exists on the other side of a mysterious wardrobe. Step into the shoes of Lucy, Edmond, Susan and Peter and enter the magical world of Narnia.

Bonsoir Mesdames et Messieurs. Welcome to the Parisian Extravaganza, the ultimate den of decadence and most famous cabaret in the world. Tonight and for one night only we open our doors to you. Enter a world of rich cultural profusion of excess and experience the sheer joie de vivre.

It’s the 1920s – The Prohibition Act has hit us all like a freight train without a driver! The only parties in town are the illegal ones. Don Corleone can’t resist a good bash and he can provide all the right ingredients…at a price: the bootlegging, the brothels and the casinos. He’s so big in Chicago, even Capone’s heavies give him a wide birth. You’ve done him some favours in the past and now you’re ‘family’.

Begin ignition start up sequence. 5,4,3,2,1…Blast off!  Hurtle through the galaxy at warp speed. It will only take a nano second to cover the 380 million kilometres between Earth and Mars. Here at Trading Post Mars we have left the world of reality and entered a universe of limitless possibilities and wonders.

Step back in time, and enter Rydell High for an unforgettable School Disco!

The wild wild west. It’s the turn of the century on the American Western frontier!