A coded microfilm arrives at your luxury penthouse apartment. You hastily rush your latest lover out of the room and play the tape. 006 has gone missing on a very “hush hush” mission and MI6 needs your help to find him.

He was last seen in the company of millionaire philanthropist Dr Scara Fishmonger at his fortress mansion. It just so happens that Fishmonger is having an “I’m the richest man in the World” party tonight and Miss Moneypenny has obtained an invitation for you. Get down there immediately and find out what’s what. And whilst you are there, what harm could it do to grab a drink and party with the best of them. 


Absorb yourself in this world of sophistication as you mix n’ mingle with spies and millionaires. But what James Bond party would be complete without a few surprises? Keep your wits about you because you never know where this mission might take you.


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