Creative & Musical

You don’t need any musical knowledge to be able to take part, just a willingness to participate! By taking part in something a bit different and unusual, it’s easy to listen, stay focused throughout the sessions, and build self-confidence. Beatboxing can be used in ways to help the development of new vocal skills and  techniques, working within groups and musical understanding.

In a blaze of colour and energy the Conductor dramatically enters and takes command of his new colourful orchestra. Everyone has a brightly coloured tuned Boomwhackers, that when struck, produces a note. Building towards a ‘concerto of  Philharmonic proportions’, the conductor will mould the group in seconds… have them on their feet and involved from the word ‘go’. 

A challenging event designed to stimulate communication in order to achieve success. 

Joined by an experienced artist, each team will be shown how to draw a specified main subject using a structured drawing technique. They will then be encouraged to personalise their picture and create a setting using business drivers and competitive factors. The end results may reveal interesting messages or hidden talents, but will certainly provide fresh perspectives and a forum for open and constructive conversation.

A musical energiser that harnesses the power of African drumming and the effectiveness of group work. This fun and unusual communications medium requires no musical ability, but inspires with a spine tingling finale.

Film making with a twist. Get your team to highlight the benefits of your products by making their own advert or infomercial.

Hit the high street, seek out opinion and discover the latest crazes in a film making challenge that gets you performing your own market research at the sharp-end.

Condense and contort a famous movie into your own five minute production.

Instil your existing company values or create a brand new set of 'Teamship Rules' for your department or company. 

It's clapper board at the ready and lights, camera, action as teams battle it out on the big screen. 

The message can be as trivial or as serious as you and your team wish, but you’ll have to produce a film that will win the hearts, minds and votes of your colleagues in the finale – the general election.

Choose your star, plan your content and pick the costumes that are going to make your video a number one hit.

Whether it's gritty UK social realism or over-the-top American melodrama, teams are challenged to script, act and produce their own version of a soap opera.

Create and film your own series of company training videos. It could be the 10 Rules Of Customer Service, 50 Hot Sales Techniques, Negotiation 3,2,1, Leading Leaders, or Crisis Management. The choice is infinite….

This is a message-laden activity where teams produce their own pieces of graffiti art but each piece of artwork must “flow” on from the one before and the one after so that the bigger picture flows around the room reflecting all the key business messages.

The ultimate test to become media’s most powerful voice.  Whether you’re peddling local rags, specialist mags or classy broadsheets, Hold the Front Page is a highly creative adventure in picture and print

Put on some gloves, grab a chisel and get creative! An experienced ice sculptor talks small teams through the basic skills required to make their very own cool art. Great for team members to ‘get to know each other’ or to reinforce existing bonds, the group will be provided with outlined sculptures to get them started. With team work essential to fashion a flawless formation, this is a team build where communication channels are opened and barriers broken down. 

Learn, practice and perfect the most famous dance routine in pop history. Our professional choreographers will take your group through the steps and shapes to become your very own zombie dance troupe. From Michal Jackson’s Thriller to Grease Lighting, we have the tunes to get everyone into the groove.

Fancy becoming a pop or rock star for the evening, and showcasing your secret performing talents to your colleagues? Then this is the event for you!  Based on the popular musical reality competition TV show, which originated in America and has now been bought to the UK, this concept involves lip syncing to some of your favourite tracks, along with dancers, costumes and props, to a crowd off of excitable colleagues!

LipDub is an exciting way of creating a music video that combines lip syncing and audio dubbing. It’s made by filming individuals or a group of people lip syncing to a music track and dubbing over it in post editing with the original audio of the song.

Using your own creativity, a digital camera and a selection of props and costumes, you and your colleagues will create all 12 months! 

It's headlines, live feed and autocues at the ready as teams are charged with producing their own news broadcast. Do you have what it takes to rule the news desk? 

Forget Paris, London and Milan, create your own fashion line for this season! Buy your materials, choose your models and design, produce and stage your own show in preparation for the catwalk finale!

Team building and singing go hand in hand!  It's true – ask anyone who's sung in a choir, the whole experience is less about music and more about teamwork. It's about different types of people all pulling in one direction – harnessing individual skills and collective strength in pursuit of a common goal.

A sensational, life-changing experience that transforms delegates and unites them as never before. Unbelievable and unachievable as it may first appear, it is possible to turn a group of delegates with no musical ability into a real symphony orchestra in the space of 2 hours! It is the ultimate demonstration of the true power of a ‘can-do’ attitude!

For a high energy and rewarding team building experience – take centre stage and give the performance of a lifetime.

Spend an afternoon learning how to spin pots on a wheel, decorate them, and fire and glaze them. You’ll never need Ikea again.

Ideal for groups of 12 people and upwards, the challenge is to create and produce an original song, the promotional pop video and a ‘fly on the wall’ - Rockumentary.

This fun activity is great for reinforcing a ‘one team’ ethos, as well as developing communication, problem solving and trust.

Take a step backwards and reflect on the bigger picture - a highly enjoyable 90 minute lesson that requires no artistic talent and no cutting off ears. 


This current  event concept allows participants the chance to express their creative side and how they feel being part of their organisation.  It encourages employees to reflect on their role and purpose within their company and how key messages translate to them as individuals, their teams and their customers.