A musical energiser that harnesses the power of African drumming and the effectiveness of group work. This fun and unusual communications medium requires no musical ability, but inspires with a spine tingling finale.


The beat of the drums has an incredible spiritual power, uniting all under its hypnotic spell. One drummer provides the back bone, rhythm and tempo for any musical group. However, this simple but magnificent instrument is used in African tribal dance, Balinese ritual, Bhangra and a thousand other cultures the world over.

A Drum Workshop allows large groups of people to experience and utilise the drum’s power. By listening, focusing and interacting, an intermeshing rhythm sees all amateur musicians working together to produce a ‘one team’ sound.

Thrilling, energising and great in pulling people together through a common aim, it is for all the above reasons that a Drum Workshop makes a perfect addition to your conference or team build.