A sensational, life-changing experience that transforms delegates and unites them as never before. Unbelievable and unachievable as it may first appear, it is possible to turn a group of delegates with no musical ability into a real symphony orchestra in the space of 2 hours! It is the ultimate demonstration of the true power of a ‘can-do’ attitude!

Real instruments are available to all participants including violins, violas, cellos, clarinets, trumpet and trombone and percussion.  Participants are broken into groups covering the sections detailed above. Each instrument will have its own designated, fully qualified musician who will introduce and teach each individual to play a variety of notes on that particular instrument.

Once this has been achieved, each section comes together as strings or woodwind to progress further and then culminating in all sections coming together for a series of rehearsals as a full orchestra, followed by the dress rehearsal and mind blowing full performance. All this is enhanced with an exciting backing track, creating an electrifying five minute finale, ensuring participants feel they are part of a real orchestra and have contributed to a unique experience.

  orchestra and have contributed to a unique experience.