You don’t need any musical knowledge to be able to take part, just a willingness to participate! By taking part in something a bit different and unusual, it’s easy to listen, stay focused throughout the sessions, and build self-confidence. Beatboxing can be used in ways to help the development of new vocal skills and  techniques, working within groups and musical understanding.

A typical lesson workshop includes a relevant warm up and ice-breaker games if necessary. A basic description of what beatboxing is, the history and background behind where it came from, and many of the techniques and tricks involved.

Everyone is given the chance to have a go using the equipment and microphones provided and we even encourage a performance in front of the group at the end of the session. With many of the activities being practical and engaging everyone involved will enjoy being a part of it!

Finally If you’re feeling confident enough why not end the session with a beatbox battle between teams!