Fancy becoming a pop or rock star for the evening, and showcasing your secret performing talents to your colleagues? Then this is the event for you!  Based on the popular musical reality competition TV show, which originated in America and has now been bought to the UK, this concept involves lip syncing to some of your favourite tracks, along with dancers, costumes and props, to a crowd off of excitable colleagues!

Hosted by an MC, filling the boots or Professor Green and Mel B, teams will be briefed on the task at hand and will then have access to a range of props, costumes and songs. A timeframe will be allocated to learn lyrics, create a routine and perfect performances, before teams must take to the stage!

Those that do not want to perform can be prop and costume assistants, or you can include a film making element where performances will also have to be filmed.

Alternatively a professional film crew can capture the award winning performances!

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