Whether it's gritty UK social realism or over-the-top American melodrama, teams are challenged to script, act and produce their own version of a soap opera.

It’s time to enter the world of long lost evil twins, people coming back from the dead and disastrous weddings – that’s right: soap operas!

You will be split into teams each making your own 5 minute episode. First your team will need to allocate roles; from actors to director, wardrobe to location manager. Then take that all-important decision, what style of soap are you aiming for? Will it be a glamorous American soup, a happy, sunny Australian soup or a gritty, rainy British one?, complete with accents of course! 

With these decisions taken it’s time to script, story board, cast and shoot, making full use of the props and accessories on offer and the locations around your chosen venue, make sure you don’t forget to include that crucial-to-the-genre cliff hanger! What will your story line be based around? Is your sister in fact your mother? Or worse your father!? Does the bride fall down a cliff on her wedding day? Is your boyfriend actually your long lost half brother thought to have died in a car crash two years ago?... Or is there just a body buried under your patio?

Once you have acted your hearts out, it will be time to take your footage back to the editing suite and, with the help of our technicians, create your masterpiece. These can then be shown at the end of your day, providing the answer to the most crucial question of all: no, not who did shoot JR? but who will win the highly coveted award for best soap? 


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