It's headlines, live feed and autocues at the ready as teams are charged with producing their own news broadcast. Do you have what it takes to rule the news desk? 


Enter the cut-throat world of broadcast jounalism, where seconds count and every decision you make could spell success or disaster. 


Going up against big guns like Sky News and ITN isn't going to be easy. You'll need to find the right story at the right time, provide appropriate and engaging coverage, produce a technically adequate broadcast as well as co-ordinating and managing a host of other factors.


Delegation of roles, effective communication and creativity can ensure viewers will be glued to their TV sets. Sourcing stories, dealing with technical issues and honing newsreading skills, teams tackle a comprehensive set of media aspects - all the while being bombarded with a mountain of information; can they sort the relevant from the rubbish?

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Trevor MacDonald is taking notes: Maybe you have what it takes to rule the news desk?