On the Home Front it was a time of community, with everyone looking out for each other, and when V.E. Day came it was time to celebrate. And boy did we celebrate! Enjoy a War Time street party complete with Union Jack bunting, ration books, powdered egg, backs to the wall fortitude and a jumping ‘joanna’.

There’s no running for the nearest air-raid shelter today. Adopt that true British bulldog spirit as you mix and mingle with an array of cheeky cockney characters encouraging all to sing, dance, eat and make merry in true Flanagan and Allen style.

White Cliffs of Dover, Dig Dig Dig for Victory, Follow the White Line, Wish Me Luck as You Wave Me Goodbye, We’ll Meet Again and Lilli Marlene are just some of the War Time tunes that kept us smiling through those bitter years between 1939 and 1945.

But now it’s time to “Roll out the Barrel coz’ we’ll have a Barrel of Fun…” - with a spirited party full to the brim with music, food and celebration.


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