It’s the 1920s – The Prohibition Act has hit us all like a freight train without a driver! The only parties in town are the illegal ones. Don Corleone can’t resist a good bash and he can provide all the right ingredients…at a price: the bootlegging, the brothels and the casinos. He’s so big in Chicago, even Capone’s heavies give him a wide birth. You’ve done him some favours in the past and now you’re ‘family’.

It's what everybody hoped would never happen - the town is now completely dry. People are actually going to work sober! As the police come down hard on the home brewers and private club owners, there's only one man with the resources to give the people what they want. Don Corleone is the party provider. Luckily for you, you're in with the big guy, and he sees you as family. 


The Don loves his ‘family’, and really hates disappointment, so when you discover an invitation to his party under your bowl of linguini in Mamma Maria’s, you know what your reply is going to be! 


Every evening hosted by the Don is an affair to remember. Hoodlums - wear your best pin stripes, brogues and felt hats. Flappers - wear your beaded, sparkly dresses; the Don likes his broads looking luscious. You will dine in refined splendour and enjoy classy entertainment in a secret location, where the outside world is 'kindly requested' to stay away. 


Oh, and if the cops bend your ear, you tell 'em zip. Capishe?


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