Intrigue and mystery always abound within the mysterious setting of a Masquerade Ball. Who gazes at you from behind that glittering half mask? What are they thinking as your eyes meet across the crowded room? Innocent thoughts or something much more spirited? Welcome to the devilish sophistication of a Venetian ball.

Adorn yourself in elegant Venetian attire and stride forth confidently to be greeted by an array of enigmatic costumed characters. The revelry begins the moment you step into the delightful Venetian setting, with enchanting music spurring you on into the crowd of strangers. 


With huge shimmering candelabras and classic statues, this chic and refined occcasion allows you to experience a dream world where identity is blurred, and style is everything. Get swept away in this grand, opulent affair and dance palm to palm with a golden-masked guest as the excitement of the unfamiliar electrifies you. 


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