Line up the ducks and shoot them down, prizes for the best marksmen.

I don’t know what it is with ducks but they seem to feature on so many fairground attractions. There’s ‘hook a duck’ and ‘shoot a duck’. Donald Duck even features at the centre of Walt Disney’s grand amusement parks worldwide, and at Alton Towers you can still jump in a peddle boat around a lake and the boat is of course designed to look like a duck…well a swan, but close enough. Anyway; my point is that ducks are everywhere - including on our shooting gallery!


We provide you with a spring loaded cork gun (that means it’s a metal gun that fires corks not a gun made entirely out of corks, as that wouldn’t work well). Your job is to fire your corks at the targets (our little ducks, which are moving quickly across the range…after all they’re not too keen on being hit) and hit as many as you can. Extra points are given to those who can hit the rapidly revolving targets in the centre of the gallery.

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