Remember standing at the side thinking “shall I, or shan’t I?” Finally you are brave enough and think “this isn’t too bad”, until the attendant starts spinning the seat!

“Scream if you wanna’ go faster!”


This is the mother of all classic fairground attractions! Jump on board for a ride to remember. The Waltza is an ideal attraction for your event with fast paced rotating, gyrating, carriage spinning excitement for all. 


The ride operator will quicken the pace and even rotate the carriages for those dare devils amongst you and will slow the pace down for children or adults not yet prepared to completely throw caution to the wind.


Rock n’ roll music plays as your vibrantly painted booth spins round and around ever faster. Stick your hands in the air and scream as the ride takes over - providing you with an exhilarating experience you’ll never forget.


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