Sharpen your keyboards and lock and load your hard-drives: this is the ultimate social networking site battle. With a website profile, teams will be challenged to a no-holds-barred cyberwar to gain the most ‘friends’ in the allocated time. 

The average person manages to sneak in 5 minutes on Facebook a day when the boss isn’t looking! Now we are giving you the opportunity to go on Facebook for work. This unique, fun, teambuilding exercise embraces social networking, from the fastest growing social netwroks, Snapchat and Instragrm, to getting people to follow your tweeting, show off your creativity – as for this event, the wackier the better!

After creating an identity and the perfect Facebook avatar to represent them, teams can gain valuable cyber points by joining as many online groups as possible, by uploading their own ‘You’ve Been Tubed’ video, by creating the zaniest photo album and by tackling cyber challenges like ‘Life-Sized Tetris’ and ‘Atari Bat & Ball’.

Throughout all the computer-based calamity, our ‘sizeable cyber sibling’ will be watching the teams’ performances, and will issue ad hoc challenges to each team before judging who has triumphed in the electronic combat to become social networking site champions.


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