Multi Training Aids (MTA) can be applied to a huge amount of team based tasks and challenges. Able to be tailored to address any business issues or skill aptitudes, MTA Challenges are superb avenues for the development for teams or individuals.

The thinking folk's Mecchano, MTA (Multi Training Aid) uses experiential learning alongside specialist training and facilitation to highlight work-based issues and teach relevant lessons.

Teams gather together a collection of construction components in order to tackle a series of tasks. Addressing specific skill requirements and workplace issues like leadership, conflict management and time management, the short challenges are effective in solidifying knowledge. 

Questionnaires and expert facilitation after the challenges further analyse the issues and learning points arising during the challenges.

Ideal for promoting team cohesion as well as the development of individuals, MTA Challenges are unique in their ability to be tailored to any objective. The challenges can also be utilised in graduate selection or assessment programmes.



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