This unique entertainment has been loosely developed around the popular television show 'Friends Like These'. Teams will have clues to a series of challenges and for each challenge the team must nominate the person they believe is most capable of competing on the team’s behalf. However, the catch is that participants only really know exactly what is in store for them when they step up to the mark!

A revealing night of revelry as teams are forced  to choose which of their members are most suited to which task.


Who has the greatest eye for detail?


Whose pallet can tell South African sweet white from a Sainsbury's own?


Which team member has the reactions of a cat?


As the nominees step forward to take on their challenge, they may have a surprise in store. Will they really be able to utilise their golf putting skills in a task involving a cake and an icing bag?? 


Fun, frivolous and strangely enlightening, this game show will shed light on a spectrum of strengths and weaknesses, creating an exciting environment to better understand your colleagues like these...  


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