Step inside a vertical wind tunnel producing 4000hp. Then use the 5x8m area to experience the feeling of falling through the air and pull off some gravity defying manoeuvres! 

Feel the wind rushing vigorously past your face and the eerie sensation of floating, hanging suspended in the air. But don’t worry - you’ll only be a few feet from the ground throughout the whole experience!

For an extreme sports adventure, strap on some goggles and experience Indoor Skydiving. Inside a vertical wind tunnel producing air velocities of around 120mph and wearing a body suit without a parachute, indoor skydivers use the force of the generated wind to experience weightlessness. 

Then comes the best bit! As in Skydiving, indoor flyers can use the wind force to manoeuvre their bodies and execute tricks - bodyflight. Our expert flyers will demonstrate the potential of bodyflight in vertical wind tunnels and will then teach guests how to perform basic bodyflight moves, which could include turns, controlling fall rates and moving laterally.

Great as a group activity where teams of two can take turns to wow the judges with controlled skydiving movements. 

Just don’t look down! Oh okay, you can look down, the floor isn’t far away…

Read our event fact sheet to find out more about Multi Action events