An exhilarating Las Vegas style experience. Take some glitz, add some glamour and try your chances with one or more of our traditional casino games. Forcing the dealer to go bust or going dizzy with the spin of the roulette wheel, you can play the house for all it’s got.

Playing as individuals or as part of a syndicate, each gambler is given an amount of fun money at the start of the evening and then sent into the land of luck. Will you have the nerve to put it all on number thirteen?

No previous knowledge of casino games is needed; learn to play as our dealers explain everything simply and clearly.

The emphasis of the evening is to have fun, and though there may be wall to wall tuxedos and shiny ball dresses, the event is informal and allows guests to have a drink, gamble and network with each other. Design the feel of your evening by choosing any combination of games.

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