A wonderful addition to a Family Fun Day or Festival Day, pampering can also be incorporated into Murder Mysteries, Country Pursuits or Stately Home Garden Parties.  Need to relax, ease stress and escape the outside world? Then a session in a flotation tank is just the thing for you. It is said just one hour in a flotation tank is the equivalent of a whole four hours of deep sleep, as well as being acknowledged as one of the greatest methods of stress relief available.


Relax into this gravity-free environment, creating a similar effect to the Dead Sea of Jordan. You will float effortlessly on the surface of water, heated to skin temperature, making it almost impossible to distinguish between parts of your body and the water surrounding it. Without becoming an astronaut and venturing into outer space, this is the closest you will come to a zero-gravity experience.

This removal of the pressures of gravity frees your brain, it will no longer have to perform the actions usually required second-by-second due to gravity’s force. A flotation tank will totally support your body, allowing both your muscles and your mind to totally relax. Your brain will enter a state usually only seen just before falling asleep or waiting, or when one’s mind is in deep meditation. This causes many people to experience vivid imagery, very clear thoughts, insights and inspirations or feelings of profound peace and joy, induced by the release of endorphins.

Other effects include: relieving old injuries, improve the condition of the skin and detoxify the body, and an increase in circulation and energy levels. So come and float away from the world, a total relaxation experience for your event.


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