Ever wonder how astronauts and cosmonauts feel in zero gravity?  On this trip to Moscow you will have the chance to visit Star City, the training centre for Russian Cosmonauts. You will also have the opportunity to meet a famous cosmonaut and take a guided tour of the centre.

Your training begins in Russia’s Star City, a highly restricted military facility northeast of Moscow, where cosmonauts have been trained at the Gagarin Cosmonaut’s Training Centre since the 1960s.


In the Soviet era the town was a highly confidential and secured area, isolated from the rest of the world. Today, many Russian cosmonauts live in Star City  with their families. The town has its own post office, shops, railway station and a museum of space travel.  Here you will step inside a giant space simulator and experience zero gravity.


You will also get the opportunity of meeting a famous Russian Cosmonaut who will guide you and your team through this amazing centre that is truly out of this world.