Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take on the role of an American Secret Agent working undercover on the bustling streets of Prague. With the help of specialist spy gadgetry you must stay one step ahead of pursuers and draw one step closer to discovering the shocking truth. Expect the impossible………..

You are enjoying a night of folk music, singing and dancing at a traditional Czech bar in the heart of Prague’s buzzing night scene. As you sit back and take a sip from your jug of ‘Budvar’ you notice a shifty looking character watching you and your group from the other side of the room. You look round again and he’s gone but you notice a single sheet of paper on your table with the words: National Museum, 0900 hours. Before you know it you have taken on the role of an American Secret Agent and are attempting to break into the CIA’s impenetrable vault. 
As you walk the medieval streets, imagine the life that filled this bustling centre during Bohemia’s Golden Age. Old Gothic and cubist buildings and the rich cultural life of a region that produced Franz Kafka and Vaclav Havel will come alive as you wander around sites such as the Old Town hall, Tyn Cathedral and Wenceslas Square. 
Prague today, as it has been over the centuries, is a vibrant ever-evolving city with a fine tradition for culture and the arts coupled with a thriving social scene (and first-rate beer). Prague is a fun, energetic, young feeling city. A visit here is more about atmosphere, beauty, wonderful people and just being than it is about seeing A-rated tourist sites.