Few life experiences can compare with the anticipation felt while standing in the path of a big storm as the darkening clouds commence. Is it the sheer experience of confronting an elemental force of nature, uncontrolled and unpredictable, dangerous and picturesque that will tempt you into joining the team of storm chasers? Are you ready for the twister?

Destination Oklahoma City with it’s fun-filled combination of attractions, events, restaurants and amenities – reinvented with the same spirit of the pioneers who settled this city and created one of the most dynamic young towns of the early century. 
Western cowboy culture is still very prominent in art, museums and rodeos as a result of these early settlers that travelled across the trails of Oklahoma. Experience the thrill of a live rodeo show when you visit the Lazy E Arena and get a first hand feel for native American history by visiting the Red Earth Center with an insight into how famous Native American Indians such as Black Bear and Maria Tallchief contributed to Oklahoma’s development. 


Then the action really begins as you join one of the best storm chasing teams in America. The team concentrate on forecasting super cell thunderstorms, the most prolific producers of significant tornados. When these super cells are forecasted you and your group will intercept and view from a safe distance. At the end of each day you will return to the comfort of a motel and be given the opportunity to sample local cuisine. After refuelling with chicken fired steak, fired okra and Tex-Mex it’s back to the comfort of your motel to recharge for the next day’s chase!