Creative teamwork with plenty of lateral thinking involved. Can your team build a human machine that has moving parts, has a name and makes a noise? Great fun watching your team members try to imitate a car wash or a snow plough!

Teamwork is at the heart of this task. You and your colleagues must become the working parts of a machine. You must link together, move in synchronisation, complement and assist your team members in order to mimic the working parts, rotating cogs, wipers, threshers, slicers, packers and sliding, pulsating parts of a harmonious piece of operational machinery.


This a tried and tested drama game that is used as a warm-up technique for many professional theatre production companies before they go on stage to perform together. It is an activity that creates synergy, team-work and is also a great warm-up which is fun and a little silly. 


Imagine the fun of watching Steve from Sales impersonating a Lynx Helicopter rotator blade or listening to Linda the Line manager as she makes the sounds of a Combine Harvester!


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