Reminiscent of teenage magazine Jackie and Take a Break, teams must create their own photo-story case study. Complete with speech bubbles your photo story will harness your creative thought and teamwork.

Re-create those anarchic photo stories from ‘That’s Life Magazine’ and ‘Take a Break.’ 


Using a digital camera, teams edit and master their shots on a laptop to create an electronic photo story.  The team creates a humorous story through four or five linked captions.  These captions and pictures must feature all members of your team and deliver a fun company message.

We will provide silly props and costumes and you’ll provide the personalities, wit and enthusiasm.

If anyone is still unsure – just get them to make use of inflatable bananas, gangster costumes, wacky wigs and a whole host of silly bits ‘n’ pieces.

This is the perfect opportunity to provoke thought, creativity, teamwork and communication.


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