Not sure which colour will suit you? Looking at your skin tone, eye and hair colour, a colour consultant will advise you on the best colour palette for your make-up and wardrobe. Ever stepped into a shop to see a range of colours spread out before you and had no ideas which ones would be best for you? Don't worry our expert colour consultant is here to help. 

Through talking with you, and also looking at your skin tone, eye, and hair colour, our consultant can help advise what colours you should be wearing to bring out the best in you, both in clothing and make up, coming up with a personal colour palette.

Finding the right colours for you can have a huge impact on how you look; complementing your skin tone, helping your complexion to look both younger and brighter and bringing definition to your features, as well as how you feel. 

Colour is not just about how you look, it's about the impression you make when meeting people, even on an unconscious level. Did you know that research has proven that image really does count when creating a first impression?  Only 7% is dependant on what we actually say when making that initial impact, this is compared to 38% on how we speak and a huge 55% on how we look and behave.

So why not let our experts help you out and make colour work for you.


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